Jan 012014

Caught this article, “The Exercise Cure,” on slate.com yesterday. Lo and behold, it inspired me to actually write a post for once. Dr. Metzl’s particular argument sounds really, really familiar. Because, yay! we had the same thought on PhD Fitness. Mainly, that the world has in its midst a magical drug for preventing disease and becoming healthy. [read on, fitties…]

Jan 222012

Saw this. Got annoyed. Had to blog. “10 Fitness Facts that Everyone Gets Wrong,” by AskMen.com. (The PhD’s reaction to some of the stuff in this article: “What the f@%k….?”) The first hint that something was amiss: the author has an MBA and is a Strength and Conditioning specialist. That means two things. 1) If [read on, fitties…]

Jan 102012

“The Fat Trap” is an article from the New York Times that’s been making the buzz-rounds over the past week. Whew. It was hard to get through. It took three attempts to read it. Not because it was 8 internet pages long. Not because there were extra-hard werds. Because it started off with a big [read on, fitties…]

Dec 302011

On the off-chance you don’t keep up with the super-exciting world of insurance, here’s the latest: Medicare has decided it will start covering weight loss programs that are run by physicians. What does this mean for the 100% of people reading this who are not on Medicare and generally do not give a crap? Eventually, [read on, fitties…]

Sep 072011

So you may have noticed we suck recently. It’s true. It wasn’t intentional (nor is it permanent), and we’ll be back to posting as soon as we can. So don’t go believing in fiction while we’re gone, or nothin’. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on FacebookShare on Posterousshare via RedditShare with StumblersShare on technoratiTumblr itTweet [read on, fitties…]